Thursday, February 23, 2012

Entering Lent: Grace

I'm excited about Lent. Bizarre I know, but there you have it - I actually am. We first encountered All Souls in the middle of that season last year, and were observers through much of it... this year, I have been watching it approach and giving real thought to my own journey. I met with Father Phil, our Rector, and with Deacon Mary. They have suggested that Lent is not necessarily about "giving things up"... sometimes it's about "adding things in". The idea is to examine yourself and your life, and look at what you could do that would bring you closer to God. That could mean pondering repentance, studying or reading, committing to pray each day... whatever it is.

I found a book that seemed like it might be a great guide through this process. It's called, "Get Over Yourself; God's Here!", by the Very Reverend Kate Moorhead. I loved the title and I like the format even more - each day there is a short reading, with something to ponder as you go through that day. Yesterday's thought was to look at what your temptations are - what are the things that take you farther away from God?

Today's thought is, "Everything that we do, we do by the Grace of God". This concept of GRACE is near and dear to me, and something I like (and sometimes need) to be reminded of, as I get caught up in the whirlwind of daily STUFF. And so I offer it now as my thought and mantra for the day, to God and to You:

Everything that we do, we do by the Grace of God./ 2/23/12

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