Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Opening Doors

So, I "came out" today as a Christian. That is, to The-World-as-defined-by-FaceBook...

My faith has become a big part of my life and who I am now, and I decided it was time to put it out there in the open - at least to friends I know well but don't see or speak with often, to some I've known over the years in what sometimes seems a past life entirely.... It may seem odd, my reluctance to share this, but I think it's been well-founded. For one thing, having been raised in such a decidedly anti-religious setting, I hadn't felt like risking potential judgment (or even derision), or having to defend my position; for another (and perhaps the deeper reason behind the first), I find it's a very intimate thing, this new relationship with God that I've been nurturing, and something I cherish. I love speaking to other people of faith about their journeys, discussing various points of doctrine or history, reading scripture and comparing notes... I can actually do so quite happily for hours! But it is very personal, and I've been cautious about who I open myself up to and share it with.

Being part of All Souls has been a huge factor in how my life has shifted this past year, and I'm so very grateful for the warmth and community we've found there. I guess I've come to the point where keeping my faith journey to myself started feeling like a disservice or even a disrespect to the church that has become such a foundation for me.

Well and so - I've gone and made it public; and thus far, I've been pleasantly surprised both at the comments I've gotten, and by how good I feel about having it out in the open. I never have been good at keeping things to myself... perhaps, after all, that's a Good Thing. /3/7/12

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