Friday, January 8, 2016

The Not-so-silent Letter "B"

So, a couple of months ago I was asked to write an article for an online magazine called Episcopal Cafe. I've followed it for a while and have enjoyed many of the articles and the discussions they provoke, and frankly felt honored to do it. I was going to copy what I wrote here and started a draft post but never got around to doing anything with it until today... because a message I received fulfilled my reason for posting it. The article is titled, "Where Are the B in LGBT?" and I've linked to it here so copying verbatim seems unnecessary - besides their readership far (Far) outstrips mine.

I'm bisexual (I think I've mentioned this already, but for the record), monogamously married and (barring that brief stint in the LDS church) have always been comfortable with my identity. The article is about invisibility and the (seeming) lack of bisexuals everywhere, specifically in the Episcopal Church. It's about why it's so very important for our voices to be heard.

I was contacted this morning by someone I'd never met before, "D", who looked me up to share his story with me. He is lay not ordained, married and new to the EC. D read my article and says he was inspired by it and felt it was time to be open about who he really is and come out as bisexual. He invited me to read the blog post he'd put up today, and I was deeply moved. I am humbled by the bravery of people (yes, I mean you) and the workings of Grace.

God's Grace is everywhere around us. It's in large and small things, in thin places and in crowded cities, in quiet contemplation, and cacophony... and it's made itself apparent in the life of one more person who now feels OK with himself and knows that God loves him as he is.

How many more moments of Grace might be waiting to happen?

Where will it strike next?


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